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At North Georgia Waterproofing, we put our customers first. We provide services to help keep your home safe, clean, and completely waterproof.

Basement Services

Basement Services

A basement can produce the same problems as a crawl space. Musty odors, damp areas, mildew, mold. These can also lead to damages to the structure, especially in a finished basement. damage to drywall, furniture, and other items can be handled with a simple approach of sealing open areas and installing a self draining dehumidifier can eliminate and control your problems.

Air Quality Control

Air Quality Control

Keep your home healthy and fresh by maintaining your crawl space. Does your home have a musty odor? That’s due to mold or mildew. 50% of the air you breath comes from your crawl space. Taking the first step towards waterproofing your crawl space is quick and easy. Head over to our contact page and schedule your free inspection today.

Crawl Space Repair

Crawl Space Repair

At North Georgia Waterproofing we have the solutions to your pesky problems. Whether it be moisture issues, water damage, leaks, rotting wood, mold, or pests. Keep the health and safety of your family protected and save cost on your energy bill with our high quality services.

Water Drainage Systems

Water Drainage Systems

A leaking foundation is a major issue and needs to be treated as one. At North Georgia Waterproofing we address all water drainage issudes from extending and burying down spouts to trenching and installing catch basins and drainage pipes, and even installing drains in concrete.

North Georgia Waterproofing

A Waterproofing Company You Can Trust

We’re the premier company for residential waterproofing in the North Georgia Region. Our experts offer reliable and professional service and a best-price guarantee, that means we’ll beat other quote you may get. 

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We'll get to the site as soon as possible and assess what needs to be done to keep your home safe, clean, and completely waterproof.

We Get The Job Done

We'll do a professional job using the highest quality products to ensure you won't run into the same issue in the future.

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Benefits Of Working With Us

  • Protects Foundation from Further Damage

    Water leaking through your foundation can cause rot and decay in areas of your crawl space or basement as well as cause the foundation to be damaged even more. It is an issue best addressed as soon as you notice it. We'll help make sure you never deal with this problem again.

  • Removes Terrible Smell

    Excess moisture can cause a foul smells in your home. Especially if water leakage is from sewage. Even worse, it can mean poor air quality which is a danger to those living in the home. If you suspect a smell is coming from water leakage, please don't hesitate to give us a call and speak with a professional.

  • Keeps Pests Away

    Dampness tends to attract pests like termites that can completely destroy your home. If water leakage in your home remains unattended, your home can become a breeding ground for pests which can be extremely costly to get rid of. It's best to choose a waterproofing company that will solve your problem at the root cause and prevent it from happening in the future.

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