Crawl Space Repair

At North Georgia Waterproofing we have the solutions to your pesky problems. Whether it be moisture issues, water damage, leaks, rotting wood, mold, or pests. Keep the health and safety of your family protected and save cost on on energy bill with our high quality services.

  • Mold
  • Dry Rot
  • Standing Water


Mold can have horrible effects on your health and the health of loved ones, not to mention your house. Not only can mold grow on the dark damp surfaces of your crawl space but it can also travel upward into your house Contaminating the air you breathe.


Controlling your environment is key. Eliminate excessive moisture and high humidity with a full Encapsulation. A full Encapsulation consist of a full clean out of crawl space, complete floor and wall coverage with high strength vapor barrier attached to walls/piers, Seal vents and open areas around pipes/plumbing, and controlling the air with industry leading dehumidifiers. Encapsulations are a proven way to help protect your home and improve the air quality while also maximizing the usable space of your home!


The site of dry rot also known as brown rot can send home owners into a full panic, and for good reason. Often hidden from view dry rot is the unseen destroyer of many homes and businesses and once it starts growing it spreads rapidly. Brown rot often appears dry on the wood Surface but goes to work breaking down the cellulose in the woods structure. This causes the wood to shrink, turn dark brown in color and break into cube shaped pieces called cubical fracture, deteriorating wooden support beams and posts, rotting floors, and ceiling joist that can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in damages.


Wood that is damaged with dry rot will have to be replaced so PREVENTION is key. Solutions to prevent include treating wood with boric acid and sealing off any access for moisture such as any leaks and closing vents. A full Encapsulation with a self draining dehumidifier will do the trick. 


Standing water is something every homeowner fears to find. Not only can it causes mold and dry rot but can also attract pests such as cockroaches, termites, ants and rodents that find their way into your home, not to mention that musty smell that lingers.



Not to worry-  we've got you covered and you’ll be dry in no time. First, we start by pumping out standing water and cleaning up any mess it leaves behind. Since standing water can cause mold, we treat for that as needed. Once everything is clean and dry we find the source of your problem and tailor the perfect system trenching for drainage, sealing vents, repairing cracks. Encapsulation is always recommend after waterproofing.

Basement Services

A basement can produce the same problems as a crawl space. Musty odors, damp areas, mildew, mold. These can also lead to damages to the structure, especially in a finished basement. damage to drywall, furniture, and other items can be handled with a simple approach of sealing open areas and installing a self draining dehumidifier of appropriate coverage can eliminate and control your problems.

Air Quality Control

Keep your home healthy and fresh by maintaining your crawl space.

Does your home have that musty order? That’s due to mold or mildew. 50% of the air you breath comes from your crawl space. Mold spores can travel through your air ducts and into your house not only creating that musty smell but can have a negative impact on your health. Haven’t been down there in awhile? That’s ok, will check it out for you. Taking the first step towards waterproofing your crawl space is quick and easy. Head over to our contact page and schedule your free inspection today.

  • Humidity Control
  • Insulation Repair


In the South Eastern part of the United States one of the biggest problems we face is humidity and controlling it. Humidity, can cause many problems in the home wether you have a basement or crawl space. Excessive moisture can lead to costly damages from problems like dry rot, mold, rusted melt, and an over worked HVAC which not only increases your power bill but will compromise the air quality of the home and will affect the health of individuals in it. 


A high-quality vapor barrier is installed wall to floor sealing vents and piers and protecting wood. We then bring in an Industry-leading dehumidifier that keeps humidity controlled and your crawl space dry. 

If your power bill is high it may be due to poor insulation. Wether you need new insulation or insulation replaced, we've got you covered.

Water Drainage

There’s a whole list of things that can lead to your foundation leaking. It could be anything from improper back-filling to as simple as your downspouts not drawing far enough away from your foundation. A leaking foundation is a major issue and needs to be treated as one. Your crawlspace holding water increases the chances or settling and cracking your foundation and other problems such as damage to piers and sub flooring and can create enough moisture to grow mold and compromise your air quality. Our solution for leaky crawlspace is to basically install a industry created French drainage system inside the crawlspace. While exterior French drains work they let exposed to lots of debris like leaves, sticks, clay, etc. that will clog them and send the water straight to your foundation and under your house. By placing the drainage system under the house we’re able to use the foundation as a filter for the drain. A trench if dug out around the footer and a corrugated pipe with a filter sleeve is placed in the trench that will catch and divert the water to a sump pump basin in a low point of the crawlspace which is then discharged out and away from the home.

While your foundation may not leak at the moment, eventually water may find its way in. If you have downspouts that do not drain away from your foundation, it will slowly seep into the ground which could leach to your foundation or cause bad settling of your home. At North Georgia Waterproofing we address all of these issues - from extending and burying down spouts to trenching and installing catch basins and drainage pipes, and even installing drains in concrete - all of these are simple and proven to be very affective for your home and property.


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